Making your #Scicomm blog more accessible to people with sight loss

Make your blog more accessible to people with sight loss

Have you started a #scicomm blog to make science more accessible? Would you like to make your blog more accessible to people with sight loss? Here are some simple tips that can make a big difference to how accessible your website is:

  1. Choose a service that has accessibility features: I host my blog on WordPress and they take accessibility very seriously. They have many default themes which are ‘accessibility ready’.l
  2. Describe your images: add a description to the image as this allows reading software to describe the images featured in the post to your blog visitor.
  3. Create a readable page: crowded text, lots of images, incorrect spacing and small font can make blogs difficult to read for those with sight loss. When designing your blog, take into account how your blog can appear to people with a different perspective to you.
  4. Choose your colour palette carefully: your colour palette can make a huge difference to the way your readers can access your blog. People with sight loss might find your content illegible if the contrast between the text and the background aren’t vast enough.

Author: Alice Gray

STEM-inist blogger hoping to raise awareness for the issues facing women in science, technology, engineering and maths.

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