International Women’s Day at MindfulOfScience

Today marks International Women’s Day, a day in our calendar dedicated to celebrating women and their achievements. Last IWD, I launched a project where I aim to draw women in STEM to commend them for their work. Whilst I have still been adding to this throughout the year, I wanted to do something special to mark IWD.

Today, as well as Inside The Petri Dish releasing a series of exciting episodes, I would like to show something different that I have been working on. I have been creating mini animations and GIFs of women in STEM.

If you search ‘women in science’ in the GIF app, there is little that appears, so I am hoping that I can start to put a dent in this by creating my own, featuring amazing women in STEM.

Mary Jackson


Mary was a NASA mathematician and engineer, in fact she was NASA’s first black female engineer. Her story was also explored in the film Hidden Figures.

Dian Fossey


Dian was a primatologist and conservationist known for her study of mountain gorilla and for her book Gorillas in the Mist. Fossey was tragically murdered in her cabin her camp in Rwanda, and it is thought that her death was linked to her conservation efforts.

Mae Jamison


Mae Jamison was the first black woman to travel in space, flying aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour in 1992. As well as appearing in our stratosphere, she has also starred in Star Trek: The Next Generation.




Ep 3 Animal Testing // Conclusionary Episode

Listen here: Ep 3 Animal Testing // Conclusionary Episode

Welcome to episode three of Inside the Petri Dish, the podcast that dissects science and takes a look down the microscope at controversial topics within research.

In this episode, Vicki Blight and Tay-Yibah Aziz have set Alice Gray another challenge to find out about animal testing in research through interviews with scientific experts. This week Alice shares her findings in a conclusionary episode.

Stay tuned for next time.

Music Credit: Bensounds