Inside The Petri Dish Podcast | Episode One

The Inside the Petri Dish podcast kicks off by exploring the topic of immunisations and vaccinations – with a whole host of guests.

Part 1) Immunisations and Vaccines – Katie Walwyn-Brown

In the very first episode of Inside the Petri Dish, the podcast that dissects science and takes a look down the microscope at controversial topics within research, Vicki Blight and Tay-Yibah Aziz set Alice Gray a challenge to find out about immunisations and vaccinations through interviews with scientific experts.

First we speak to immunologist, Katie Walwyn-Brown, where we explore how vaccines work.


Part 2) Immunisations and Vaccines  РMatt Morgan

In this episode of Inside the Petri Dish, Alice Gray is joined by Intensive Care Doctor, Matt Morgan, to explore the consequences of not being vaccinated.


Part 3) Immunisations and Vaccines – Alan Parker

Alice Gray has been set a task to find out more about immunisations and vaccines by Vicki Blight and Tay-Yibah Aziz. In this episode Alice sits down with virologist, Alan Parker, at the Tackling Cancer Together event in the Yr Hen Lyfrgell museum in Cardiff, to explore how immunotherapy can be used to prevent or treat cancer.


Part 4) Immunisations and Vaccines – Concessionary Episode

Vicki, Tay and Alice gather round with tea, biscuits and welsh cakes for the first concessionary episode of Inside the Petri Dish, where Alice brings her findings back to discuss what she has learnt from the experts.

Stay tuned for next week, where Tay and Vicki set Alice a new topic to explore.


Author: Alice Gray

STEM-inist blogger hoping to raise awareness for the issues facing women in science, technology, engineering and maths.

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